Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Don’t Let Spam and a Messy Inbox Hinder Productivity

Email is a communication solution that clearly shows its age, but it’s still a vital component of the modern office. Despite your best efforts to find a better way to communicate, email is a staple that’s proving to be difficult, if not impossible, to adequately replace. Therefore, it makes the most sense to make using email as painless as possible. Here’s how it’s done.
There are a number of challenges presented by the modern email world, and many of them make it difficult to work with email at times.
The Looming Threat of Spam
Businesses all over the world are having trouble with limiting spam. In fact, more than 60 percent of emails that a business might receive can be classified as spam. So much time and resources are wasted on dealing with spam, to the point where it’s almost overwhelming how much it winds up costing you. While the situation has gotten better in recent years with the advent of spam protection solutions, it’s still challenging to keep wasteful messages out of your inbox in the first place. Furthermore, most spam messages contain threats like viruses, malware, spyware, and more, making it potentially very risky to manage these messages yourself.
This is why it’s important that your business eliminates the threat of spam altogether. Not only can it save your business plenty of time and money thanks to your staff not needing to handle these messages personally, but you’ll also limit the amount of threats that your organization is exposed to on a daily basis. Net It On’s spam protection solution can keep spam messages out of your inbox altogether, helping you stay productive and safe.
Email Archiving Management
What do you do with all of the emails that your team sends and receives on a daily basis? Just like with your business’s spam protection, you want to be sure that you have some oversight concerning your email storage. It’s a best practice to store any emails that you send and receive for a set amount of time, and for good reason. You want to be able to hold your staff accountable for messages that they send, and if these messages contain important information, it’s even more vital that you have this data available to you in the event of a disaster, like user error, in which all inbox messages are erased for whatever reason.
Net It On has a solution to this dilemma, too. Our email backup/archiving solution helps you ensure that your emails are stored somewhere safe for your later review. Plus, if you ever need to access old emails for some reason, you’ll be able to easily enough. Your messages, as per your specification, will be available and stored in a secure location, so you won’t need to worry about your messages falling into the hands of less savory entities.
Powerful spam protection and email archiving are only a few ways we can help your business fully leverage communication technology like email. Give Net It On a call at (732) 360-2999 and ask us how we can help your business take full advantage of its technology solutions.

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