Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cloud Computing Isn’t 100% Perfect, Be Sure to Account For These 3 Risks

Organizations are taking to the skies with cloud computing solutions in the workplace, and it’s proving to be a valuable investment. However, such unprecedented growth doesn’t come without its fair share of risks. How does the cloud affect your business’s ability to function without unknowingly compromising your data infrastructure, or risking heavy downtime?
In order to help you successfully leverage cloud computing to meet the specific needs of your business, we’ve outlined several of the more common risks associated with using a cloud computing platform, and how you can combat them.
Risk #1: Data Theft
Perhaps the biggest risk that you’re taking by using cloud computing solutions is the loss or theft of your business’s mission-critical data. Since you’re hosting your business’s data in an online environment, there’s always the chance that a hacker will attempt to crack your security protocol and access files or information that are sensitive in nature.
When it comes to protecting your data from this risk, you’ll want to first realize that there is always going to be a risk of data theft. There’s no foolproof way around it. What you can do, however, is optimize your data security to minimize the damage that can be done. You want to integrate a proactive security solution that’s designed to keep threats out of your system, and effectively neutralize those that do make it in. Contact Net It On for information about integrating powerful security solutions designed to do just that.
Risk #2: Compliance Violation
For businesses in specific industries, there are compliance laws that need to be observed for sensitive information. Storing this information in your business’s cloud computing solution can potentially yield unexpected troubles. For example, if this information were to be compromised, what would you do? Depending on the situation, you will be required to inform the victim of the breach, or be subject to a costly fine.
If you’re unsure of whether or not your system is meeting the protocol of certain compliance laws, we can help to ensure that you’re brought up to speed. Chances are, if you collect and store sensitive data anywhere on your network, you should be concerned about compliance laws. Let Net It On analyze your network to find out where you need to be to accommodate this information.
Risk #3: Major Downtime
One of the biggest detriments that can result from a solely cloud-based IT infrastructure is the potential for major downtime. When you store your infrastructure on the cloud, you’re basically hosting it online. Naturally, you’ll need Internet access in order to fully access your cloud’s data. If this connection is lost, this means that there’s no more access to your cloud data, and in turn, lost access to any productivity applications hosted on it. If you’re not hosting files locally, you’ll be in quite the debacle.
This is why it’s important to store important information and applications both locally on your network, and in the cloud. Not only does this improve access to specific mission-critical assets, but it also improves mobility. By utilizing the cloud, remote workers can have the same access to information that they would if they were in the office.
For proven technology solutions that are designed to enhance and improve your business’s operations, contact Net It On at (732) 360-2999.

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