Monday, June 14, 2021

Massively Key Benefits of Managed IT

 Most businesses that have chosen to use managed IT services have found that their technology works better than it did before partnering with their provider. It’s not just a group of people sitting around fixing computers, however, there are some real strategies in place to allow for this to happen. Today we’ll give you a brief overview of the services we offer.


Your Business Technology

The managed service provider’s job is primarily to support your IT infrastructure and network to ensure that your technology is working optimally. Do we fix computers? Absolutely, but the lion’s share of the time is spent on helping our clients build and maintain the IT infrastructure that can effectively support their business. We do this with several services. Let’s take a brief look at them:

Remote Monitoring and Management

We are of the opinion that when “IT” comes around and tinkers with the machines while your staff is working, it can be a massive distraction. So if we are installing new technology, we’ll be there outside of working hours so as not to cause downtime.

Our staff instead uses state of the art technology to monitor your entire IT infrastructure to keep your technology running properly. If we find an issue, we fix it, or at the very least bring it to your attention before it becomes an operational problem. Broken technology is bad for the bottom line, but downtime is worse. Downtime is a thief and it keeps coming around. With remote monitoring and management tools, we do what we can to stop the thief in its tracks. 

Regular Reviews

A lot can change in a short period of time. Technology evolves and so does your business. That’s why we like to sit down for regular reviews with your decision makers to understand what your business’ goals are and how technology and technology-related services can help you meet your goals. 

Vendor Management

Vendors are necessary for every business, but they’re kind of like having an annoying neighbor. They have a tendency to come around and call too often, and basically take up a lot of time that you could use to be focusing on your business. Consider how much time you’ve been on the phone or have visited with one of your vendor's sales associates in the past month? It’s more than you probably would have liked. Even if you like the rep, there are plenty of other things you could be doing. The same goes for getting technical support from your vendors.

Vendor management is just that: we run your technology vendor relationships. It provides the consistency you would get if you did it yourself, but it takes the responsibility off your shoulders. With the knowledge we glean from the regular review process, we know what’s best for your business and we’ll ensure we carry out your wishes to a T.

Patch Management

Every business uses some type of software, some firms use hundreds. One thing is certain about software, it needs to be updated regularly. Otherwise there will probably be some type of vulnerability on your network. If exploited, this can turn really ugly, really fast. Today’s hackers don’t need much wiggle room to ruin your fiscal year. Our technicians regularly patch all of your business’ software to ensure that the IT you are using isn’t a time bomb.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

One of the simplest services any IT serviced firm provides, and one of the most important. We offer our backup and disaster recovery service which provides incremental backups of your business' data and we store it both onsite and in the cloud to ensure that no matter what happens to your business, that your data is still safe and ready to be recovered quickly. 

Fix Computers

Well, we do fix computers both in our workshop and, if the need arises, at your place of business. This is a no-brainer, but with all the remote tools we provide, that includes a help desk solution, you shouldn’t expect to see us milling around your office causing a distraction. 

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