Sunday, October 23, 2016

4 Reasons Why Businesses Love Office 365

Decision makers for small and medium-sized businesses certainly have a tough job. Each choice they make on the behalf of the business has repercussions, which could potentially influence the rest of the company, for better or for worse. Therefore, we’d like to take some of the pressure off of the decision makers with a recommendation: if you haven’t done so, consider utilizing Office 365 for your business’s various needs.
Available as a subscription-based Software-as-a-Service, Office 365 for Business can provide many features and benefits that the SMB owner/decision maker will find intriguing, to say the least.
Cloud Capabilities
One of the great computing innovations of our time is the concept of cloud services, allowing for convenient collaboration and connection. As long as you are able to connect to the Internet, you can use the included mail client, access and collaborate on company projects and files, from any device.
Collaboration Benefits
Featuring a project management tool called Planner, Office can help keep your company’s employees organized and on the same page. And on the topic of staying on the same page, users are able to collaborate in real-time on documents, and are capable of making and seeing edits that other users are making without the need to refresh the page.
Cost Efficiency
Office 365 will ultimately save your business money, namely by reducing your maintenance costs. By keeping employee accounts in the cloud, Microsoft assumes the responsibility for maintaining and updating them--without any additional costs to your business.
Capacity to Grow
One of the biggest concerns with any solution is its scalability--if a business were to grow, how easy would it be for its solution to grow right along with it? Office 365 answers that question with a single word: very. As your company expands and--by necessity--requires more from its 365 solution, you can very easily incorporate the additional services, features, and storage you need into your existing contract for an increase in price.
With the full capabilities of Microsoft Office available just about anywhere at anytime, Office 365 is a clear candidate for a solid software solution for your business. 

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