Thursday, January 26, 2017

The 4 Core Apps of Every Good Productivity Suite

Productivity suites are a common sight, if not being entirely necessary for the modern business. You need the word processing power and the ability to provide an email solution to your organization’s staff so they can communicate internally and externally. We’ll discuss two of the most renown productivity suites--Office 365 and Google’s G Suite--and why your business will need what they offers.
When we talk about a productivity suite, we generally mean a software solution that bundles together useful programs that help your organization function on a day-by-day basis. By this, we mean a word processor, presentation builder, spreadsheet management software, and most of all, email management. While there are several different solutions out there, your productivity suite will probably contain, at the very least, these four pieces of software. It doesn’t necessarily matter which industry your organization is in, as regardless, you’ll find that the software will come in handy for various purposes.
What follows are ways you can use a productivity suite, like Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s G Suite, to get the most out of your organization’s assets.
Word Processor
The ability to compose written documents shouldn’t need explaining, but sometimes it might be difficult for service industries to see this value. You can write up notices for your on-site staff, as well as write up memos for yourself, put up signs regarding messes in the break room, print out and mail physical copies of invoices, and so many other things. Microsoft has Word 2016, while Google has Google Docs.
Email Management
A good email solution will help you keep in touch with your team and allow for important outgoing communications with clients, vendors, and prospective clients. Plus, when you use a cloud-based version of an email software, you can access it from anywhere on any compatible device. However, it should be mentioned that managing email solutions isn’t exactly an easy job, so it’s best to have this responsibility managed by a service provider like Net It On. Microsoft offers Outlook, while Google has its signature Gmail.
Spreadsheet Builder
You wouldn’t believe how useful spreadsheets can be for various reasons. With built-in formulas, you can use them for financial purposes, or you can use them for simpler tasks, like inventory management. Basically, spreadsheets are helpful for any type of organizational purpose, so it’s good to have them around in general. Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel are both viable solutions for your spreadsheet needs.
Slideshow Software
Presentations can be helpful for presenting information, such as statistics or key performance indicators, to your organization’s staff. Slideshows are also great for delivering information about events that you’ve attended, or providing deliverable content to a prospective client about your goods or service. Microsoft has PowerPoint, while Google provides Google Slides.

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