Saturday, December 24, 2016

These 3 Car Maintenance Principles Overlap Perfectly With IT Maintenance

Think of your business technology like a car. Sure, it’s a great way from getting from one location to another, but if it breaks down, you’re in big trouble financially. Even worse, you’re stuck without a vehicle for a certain amount of time. Can you imagine purchasing new hardware and losing precious productivity due to downtime?
Here are three ways that your technology failures can be just as painful as your car troubles.
Technology and Cars are Expensive
Your IT budget should be able to take into account the price tags on all of your mission-critical hardware solutions. If it doesn’t, you’re flirting with disaster. If you lose a server unit, your budget could be set back several months. This is one of the reasons why flexible payments are in such high demand among small businesses.
Compared to an automobile, you’re in a similar position. If you take proper care of your car, it can last for a respectable amount of time, depending of course on the make and model. If your car breaks down, it is expensive to fix. Constantly fixing your car becomes difficult to maintain, making smaller payments a better option.
Technology and Vehicles Are Both Necessary
While there are some exemptions, most offices will rely on their technology to carry operations. This is mainly due to technology becoming so prevalent in the business environment. Organizations use it to automate workflows and provide near-constant access to information or applications, making it not only required, but essential. If your technology breaks down, it’s unfortunate, but you won’t be able to access certain information until you’ve solved the issue.
Just like technology, your vehicle is needed to “make progress,” bringing you from one place to the next. Organizations in areas which have access to public transportation may not have to rely so much on vehicles, but the comparison still stands. If the subway is broken down, well… you’re still out of luck.
Technology and Vehicles Need Expert Attention
If you’ve ever tried to fix your car yourself, with no prior mechanical skills and only a handful of online tutorials and articles, you will still struggle. If you aren’t sure where your engine oil goes, you should probably leave your vehicle maintenance to an expert who knows what they’re doing. technology issues are in a similar vein of technical issues that need to be addressed by professionals. If you let just anyone tinker with your technology, you could experience more downtime than you’d prefer--particularly if the troubleshooting turns into more trouble.

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