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Firetronics NYC NJ

Firetronics NYC NJ installs fire sprinklers and fire sprinkler systems for residence, commercial, and industrial needs providing experienced fire sprinkler service. A common misconception about fire sprinkler system installation is one fire sprinkler activates all fire sprinklers in a home, an office, or a space from heat reaction. Fire sprinkler engineering today ensures a sprinkler reacts to temperature changes in rooms individually. A fire in an office will activate only the sprinkler(s) installed in the particular room. This saves property from extensive fire damage, isolates a fire, and limits the fire’s opportunity to spread.

Fire Sprinklers, Suppression Systems – Types - FireTronics NJ

• Antifreeze sprinkler system
• CO2 fire suppression systems
• Deluge fire sprinkler system
• Dry pipe fire sprinkler system
• ESFR- early suppression fast response
• FE-13 fire suppression systems
• FM-200
• Foam/chemical suppression
• In-rack fire sprinkler systems
• Pre-action fire sprinkler system
• Quell fire sprinkler system
• Victaulic Vortex fire suppression system
• Wet pipe fire sprinkler system
Antifreeze Sprinkler System - FireTronics
Safety at home, at work, and in business is complemented by purposeful fire protection planning. Dependable Fire Equipment installs fire protection sprinkler systems and performs fire sprinkler inspections for every professional and individual need. Dependable Fire provides professional grade fire sprinkler installation under National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommendations.

We install, maintain, and test sprinkler systems and antifreeze sprinkler systems regularly. Solutions in fire protection systems such as antifreeze sprinkler systems we analyze regularly. We test the gravity of premixed solutions for optimal sprinkler system performance and safety. Optimal factory premixed antifreeze solutions are either glycerin at a maximum concentration of 50% by volume or propylene glycol at a maximum concentration of 40% by volume. Antifreeze sprinkler systems are tested annually to ensure highest quality of sprinkler system performance.

Firetronics CO2 fire suppression systems
Commercial and industrial facilities increase on site safety with CO2 fire suppression systems. The wide adaptability of these fire systems provides extra fire protection and safety for potential hazards.

FireTronics CO2 fire suppression systems are used with:

• Automated storage and retrieval facilities
• Automotive
• Cement plant/blast furnace indirect coal firing systems
• Deluge Fire Sprinkler System
• Electronics operations
• Electronics/computer production
• Metal production and processing
• Power generation
• Printing
• Research facilities
• Shipboard (marine) systems
These carbon dioxide systems discharge a retardant that does not conduct electricity and does not damage property.

Deluge Sprinkler Systems - FireTronics NYC
Deluge sprinkler systems saturate the surface of a hazard area quickly to prevent fire from spreading rapidly. Buildings and facilities containing Class B fire extinguishers may use this type of sprinkler system when highly flammable or hazardous materials are on site. Flammable chemicals and liquids, or explosives require a fast operating sprinkler system is installed for safety and protection. Aircraft hangers, chemical processing and chemical storage facilities, power plants, and testing and research facilities working with hazardous substances use Deluge sprinkler systems. This type of system uses copious amounts of water and should be located near an established source of water supply. Spaces with high ceilings may use a Deluge sprinkler system for extensive coverage when there is a fire.

Fire sprinkler installation can increase the value of a home or a business. Dependable Fire Equipment services and maintains fire sprinklers for every property need. We can install traditional, professional, or commercial type sprinklers and sprinkler systems in residential to industrial properties to fit any d├ęcor with style.

ESFR sprinkler systems - FireTronics
ESFR sprinkler systems are used typically in industrial, warehouse, or other industrial related sites. ESFR sprinkler systems can deliver high volumes of discharge continuously. These systems are mounted on the ceiling and can replace the use of traditional in-rack fire sprinkler systems due to their high output performance.

FM-200 Fire Suppression Systems – FM-200 Clean Agent System - FireTronics NJ
FM-200 Clean Agent Systems function with open sections of facilities in large spaces. A waterless fire suppression system, the FM-200 system uses a green o-zone friendly chemical replacing the Halon systems from the 60s to the 80s. Dependable Fire Equipment is specially trained in the installation, maintenance and training of the FM-200 Clean Agent System.

Foam/Chemical Suppression Systems - Firetronics NYC
Foam is sprayed over burning liquid by foam/chemical fire suppression systems. The foam is a fire retardant that quells the active agents when mixed with water. The foam expands over the fire snuffing the liquid. Foam/chemical suppression systems are used where flammable liquids are stored usually including aircraft hangars, heliports, industrial sites, processing areas, and refineries.

In-Rack Fire Sprinkler Systems
After heat activates a sprinkler system the system releases dry or wet retardants to contain a fire. In-rack fire sprinkler systems isolate a fire occurrence to extinguish it quickly. By preventing the fire to spread In-rack sprinkler systems mitigate the potential of, injury, loss of life, and property damage.

Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems
Pre-action fire sprinkler systems functions under principles common to Dry-pipe fire sprinkler systems. Heat or a smoke detection device signals an electronic valve to restrict the flow of water to the sprinkler system. Single sprinkler heads open to dispel liquid over fire areas requiring constant application of water. Freezer industrial sites or freezer warehouses use this kind of fire suppression system. Dependable Fire installs Pre-action fire sprinkler systems professionally for commercial, industrial, and storage locations.

Quell Fire Sprinkler Systems - Firetronics
Quell fire sprinkler systems in cold storage facilities and in unheated warehouses protect the goods and the storage sites with a “circle the wagons” approach to extinguish a fire. These systems encompass the fire area and douse it quickly saturating the area completely. The Quell fire sprinkler system is an effective method for fire protection with fast installation times. Dependable Fire Equipment professionally installs these durable and efficient fire sprinkler systems for fire safety.

Victaulic Vortex Fire Suppression Systems
Water and nitrogen are used by the Victaulic Vortex fire suppression to halt fires from spreading. An advantage with using the Victaulic Vortex fire suppression system is its capacity to lessen the amount of oxygen fueling a fire. This type of system can be used to contain a fire while there are occupants in the area and is eco-friendly.

Wet pipe fire sprinkler systems
The Wet pipe fire sprinkler system contains pressurized water inside the pipes ready for use at all times. The second type of fire sprinkler system issues water by demand. Damage to property by water from fire sprinklers or from a fire sprinkler system is remote compared to the likelihood of widespread damage caused by fire, however fire sprinklers must be maintained to ensure their optimum performance. The wet sprinkler system can reduce the spread of fire quickly using a either a fire sprinkler system with water by demand, or a pressurized wet fire sprinkler system. Potential for leaks in the wet system from extended periods water pressurization are prevalent as is water stagnation and biological contamination. Heat is necessary to prevent any freezing of the water within the wet fire sprinkler system fin colder climates.

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